About Us

TOCK.earth is a NZ not for profit, powerful and unique, fun transformational environmental education outreach programme, giving young children both the inspiration and tools to create a brighter future for generations to come.

TOCK.earth is anchored by an identifiable and endearing character whose messages and images instantly inspire and invoke positive environmental action. Using engaging multi-media channels we are able to deliver effective and enduring messages which really resonate with both the children and their carers. Through pilots we have proven that TOCK.earth can successfully reach beyond the individual children, inspiring schools, families and greater whānau /community to make positive changes too.

Imagine a world filled with adults who truly all want to work together to fix the problems of climate change. We need to inspire children in the early childhood years, a time when their key values and beliefs are forming, to work together as a team, following the concept of Kaitiakitanga. Helping children to empathize and care for the Earth, in these early childhood years and providing them with the key skills they can further develop, will ensure that they become adults naturally working together with a common goal and ready to meet and mitigate the challenges of climate change.

This is the vision of TOCK.earth

Created by NZ husband and wife team June and Ian Burney

As a not for profit initiative we rely on external funding and donations to enable us to deliver this programme / workshops in schools. We are presently looking for sponsors to make possible the continuation and further development of this programme. Should you be interested in sponsoring TOCK.earth please get in touch via our contact page.