Children’s Day 2021 Competition

For Children’s Day 2021 we ran a competition for children to create a friend for TOCK from items you would normally throw away.

This year’s winner was a creative caterpillar made from an old sock and recycled paper.

TOCK has lots of information, fun facts, crafts, activities and education resources on his website so please take a look around whilst you are here. We are adding new content and activities regularly so please come back soon.

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Contest is finished!
Title: Mr Octopus
Author: Mishika12
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Description: I,Mishika Chawla,Age 9 have created Mr Octopus out of a soda bottle and eyes from drink bottle caps.Hope Tock enjoys being with his new friend as it has many hands for loads of hugs.

tockearth  2:10 pm (March 6, 2021)
TOCK loves the ocean and is so pleased he now an ocean friend to help keep the ocean amazing.
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