Creative Children of Auckland

For lockdown TOCK understood that the children of Auckland would not be able to get out and about as much as you would like so created a special educational competition and activities just for them.


The Creative Children of Auckland competition, ran until the 30th August, only open to young children living in the Auckland area to show TOCK and the rest of the TOCK Team what amazing things the children could make.

This was an educational competition to make something really unique and creative/inventive out of items that would normally be thrown away and end up in the rubbish or recycling bin.

You can now view the entries and winning entry by visiting the competition page on the link below. The winner receives a copy of our NZ book about TOCK the lovable time travelling robot – ‘TOCK Saves the Earth.’

Competition – Creative Children of Auckland


TOCK has lots of other fun craft ideas and information on his website so do check them out. Perhaps have a go at making a puppet out of an old sock or a cute piggy bank out of a used water bottle… these are just a sample of the crafts from our fun/craft page


There are lots of interesting facts, games and ideas on this site so take some time to look around. TOCK has only recently arrived in our time so will be sharing more fun facts and ideas as he learns more about how we ALL can help him take care of the EARTH.


If you would like to be kept updated or even share some of the amazing environmental work your children have been up to, TOCK is active on Facebook and welcomes followers and members.

Visit the TOCK Facebook page.

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