TOCK’s NZ Toilet Roll Lockdown Competition

We knew people couldn’t resist buying toilet rolls and we knew families are looking for fun activities for their children during lockdown. So TOCK had a brilliant idea… Why not get the children to see what creations they could make with those toilet rolls and any other re-usable items from their bubble. This competition is now completed. Please see the winning entry and take a look at the other amazing entries below…

Winner announced….

Please take a look at the other entries. TOCK was super impressed with the creative use of toilet rolls…

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Contest is finished!
Title: Jewellery Hanger
Author: christina.girgis
Votes: 16

Views: 347
Description: Ollie wanted to make a Jewellery hanger for me (mum). He said necklaces go on the tall roll, and bracelets can go on the smaller rolls as well as earrings at the top. He glued the rolls onto strong black cardboard to hold it all as one display unit.

tockearth  8:16 pm (August 27, 2021)
TOCK is super impressed by Ollie's useful way of reusing cardboard rolls.
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