TOCK’s Competition for the Children of the UK

Winner announced for TOCK’s Special environmentally focussed competition for the Children in the UK during lockdown.

TOCK, loves each and every one of the new friends people have made for him during this competition. You are all amazing for getting crafty with waste to help TOCK our lovable time travelling robot on his quest to SAVE THE EARTH.

See all of the entries below…

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Contest is finished!
Title: Tubs the robot
Author: Jessica
Votes: 481

Views: 2345
Description: Hi my name is tubs, I love arts and crafts, I have a slimey belly that's eats anything recyclable.. I have one big eye so I can keep an eye on where everyone puts there rubbish.. specially when doing long walks outside.. I have big tin can feet so everyone can hear me coming. I look forward to making new friends

tockearth  11:57 pm (February 7, 2021)
TOCK thinks Tubs would make a great friend to help clean up the rubbish and help people recycle
Jessica  7:26 pm (February 21, 2021)
Thank you to everyone who is voting.. so amazing
Jessica  11:56 pm (February 21, 2021)
People help the people and we love Bracknell group you guys together made over 300 vote in 2 days thank you so much
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