TOCK’s Competition for the Children of the UK

Winner announced for TOCK’s Special environmentally focussed competition for the Children in the UK during lockdown.

TOCK, loves each and every one of the new friends people have made for him during this competition. You are all amazing for getting crafty with waste to help TOCK our lovable time travelling robot on his quest to SAVE THE EARTH.

See all of the entries below…

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Contest is finished!
Title: Tin Tin the Robot
Author: Karol McDonald
Votes: 19

Views: 232
Description: This is Tin Tin. He is made from recycled tins and jars and has sturdy arms to keep him balanced. He would love to be TOCK's friend, time travel with him and save the world!

tockearth  10:02 am (February 13, 2021)
TOCK would love to take Tin Tin on time travelling adventures. Tin Tin reminds TOCK of the time he saw knights on his trip to the medieval times.
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