TOCK’s Wonderful Rainforests Competition

Thank you to all the tamariki for taking part in TOCK’s wonderful rainforests competition. TOCK and the TOCK Team were truly amazed by your creativity. TOCK would love to be able to jump into each and every one of your rainforests. Well Done Everyone!

All votes from public and independent judges have now been counted and we have not just one but two winners. One for the best school entry and one for the best group entry. So congratulations to the winners…

All competition entries.

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Contest is finished!
Title: International Rainforest
Votes: 52

Views: 199
Description: In this experience children will foster the concept of kaitiakitanga, which means guardianship of the environment and is customary to Māori. Learning about our environment and how we intimately connect to it and depend upon it, empowers our children to become kaitiaki and take an active role in nurturing all living things. This empowerment is the key to learning for sustainability, where children gain the confidence and skills to create a positive change. Children will develop an understanding about caring for Papatuanuku. Children displayed good concentration skills, and demonstrated an awareness of the strategies they used to learn new skills, and generate and define working theories. Imagine a world filled with adults who truly all want to work together to combat the problem of climate change.

tockearth  6:27 pm (June 28, 2021)
Very colourful and full of life. Great to see how the tamariki all worked together to produce this amazing scene. 🙂
[email protected]  9:17 pm (June 28, 2021)
Thank you so much for your kind comment. It took all of us over two weeks and many tamariki were involved. We have it up on our book corner wall, it's pretty bright and it created plenty of discussions.
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