TOCK’s NZ Seasons for Change Junior / Pre School Challenge

TOCK has been learning about the seasons and thinks we live on a truly amazing planet.

This has given TOCK a great idea for a challenge especially for New Zealand Junior Schools and Pre Schools

TOCK would like the schools or individual classes to create a picture, poster, collage or model to represent their favourite season/seasons out of items they would normally throw away.

This competition will run from 2nd February 2021 through to 16th April 2021. Entrants must be TOCK Team members – joining is free and extremely easy. If entering multiple classes in the challenge, make sure you set up one membership per class as you can only upload one entry per membership.

Join the TOCK Team completely free (Click here) so we know who to contact if you win and so you can check on how your entry is doing. We do not share your contact details.

Once you have joined the TOCK Team as a free member, you can upload your entry here.

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Rules/terms and prizes for the TOCK's NZ Seasons for Change School Challenge


TOCK's NZ Seasons for Change Primary School / Pre-School Challenge will be open for entries and voting up to 16th April 2021.

Entries are only open to New Zealand Primary Schools (Juniors only) and New Zealand Pre-Schools (any age). Entries can be from the full school or individual classes within the school.

The challenge winner will be chosen by a combination of public / TOCK Team member votes and special environmental panel votes. Anybody can vote simply by liking your entry on this page.

This is a themed competition with the theme being 'Seasons for Change'. Make a collage, picture, poster or model to represent at least one season from waste items that would normally be thrown away. The more creative the better. Entries need to be submitted with a photo, title and short description. You can create a montage photo but this still needs to be uploaded as a single photo. The photo/text can include the production process and end product, the most important thing is to show how the team has got on board with the challenge. Also remember the educational component of this challenge, thinking about waste reduction and where possible, keeping waste away from Landfill.

Family / friends / classes / community are welcome to support the challenges as we wish people to get involved and feel part of the TOCK Team, making a positive difference for the future of our amazing planet. People are only allowed to vote once for each entry but they can vote for multiple entries to support other children / schools.

Full credit will be given to challenge entrants but no personal information will be shared publicly without permission.

TOCK may ask if entries could be shared to help spread the word about TOCK and the amazing work of the TOCK Team (you) but will always get your permission first.

Please respect the privacy of others and do not copy or share their work without their permission.


This challenge closes on 16th April 2021 and we will announce the winners by the end of the following week. We will select winners based on the combined number of public votes and special panel votes so please encourage people to support all of the awesome entries.

Remember TOCK thinks everybody is a winner so please join in just for the fun and keep your eyes open for other challenges / competitions.