TOCK Saves the Earth

Help your children become true kaitiaki of our precious planet through the inspiring tale of ‘TOCK SAVES THE EARTH with time travel, dinosaurs, knights, a fun song and a cute Earth loving robot.

Our book is 100% made in NZ and all funds raised from book sales go into our NZ pre/primary school environmental education programme.

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Tock Saves The Earth

TOCK Saves the Earth follows the adventures of TOCK, the lovable time travelling robot and his encounters through time as he discovers how AMAZING the Earth is and how we can build a bright and happy future.

TOCK is the creation of NZ authors June and Ian Burney, just two ordinary people passionate about creating a bright future for our children. June and Ian would love TOCK to inspire children and families all around the world and help them to realise that, as a team, we really can make a difference whilst having fun.

Here are some verified Amazon book reviews showing what people are saying about the book:-

‘Fabulous book full of beautiful illustrations, a cute leading character and a powerful message..A perfect read ……’

‘What a good way to get an important message out in a friendly way, my kids loved it’

‘What a great book. Brilliant idea and works so well in capturing the imagination of younger minds whilst communicating an important message. Well done to the authors’

‘Great educational piece wrapped in a good story that kids will enjoy. Excellent illustration accompanying the narrative. Kids loved the book!’

‘This book was fab! I’ve recommended to friends with children as I think it’s an amazing way to learn about our world, in the cutest and most interesting way, whilst travelling through the ages. Definitely a must for anyone wishing their children to learn about our planet.’

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The e-book version is available from Amazon Kindle store. Just search for ‘TOCK Saves the Earth on Amazon.