Education Resources (Indexed)

Welcome to TOCK educators. TOCK has been busy putting together information and fun activities to help you to engage a new generation of Tamariki using the principles of Kaitiakitanga.

We have grouped these under the headings below. Simply click on the words highlighted in blue.

Resources marked with the icon are exclusive to Educator Members. If you wish to become an educator member, this will give access to lots of additional resources and will help us fund further environmental workshops in NZ and around the world. All funds go back into the delivery of the programme as the social enterprise is driven by passion, not profit.

TOCK Songs

TOCK the Bot Needs Your Help – Song to accompany book ‘TOCK Saves the Earth’

TOCK Anthem Music Video

TOCK Kaitiaki Music Video

TOCK Biodiversity Music Video

TOCK In the Bin Music Video

TOCK Don’t be a Litterbug Music Video

Waste Reduction / Recycling

TOCK’S 4 R’s – Principles and Videos

Waste – Which Bin Does it go in Christchurch?
Waste – Class/School Waste Audit Activity
Waste – TOCK Coloured Bin Labels
Waste – TOCK’s Waste Sorting Game
Waste – Packaging

Landfill – How Long Does it Last? Activity

Paper – Where Does Paper Come From? (With Video)
Paper – Seed Paper Activity
Paper – History of Paper and Activities
Paper – Puzzle Time Activity
Paper – Make Your Own Paper
Paper – Cardboard Octopus
Paper – Recycled 9 hole game

Glass – Facts and Recycling (with Video)
Glass – History of Glass and Activities
Glass – Glass Terrarium Activity

Garden / Food – Facts, Composting and Activities
Garden / Food – Soilarium Activity
Garden / Food – Imperfect Food Taste Test
Garden / Food – Community Gardens in Christchurch
Garden / Food – Benefits of Shopping Local – Farmers Market

Textiles / Clothing – Facts and Activities

Aluminium and Steel – Facts and Recycling (with Video)
Aluminium and Steel – Pencil Holder Activity
Aluminium and Steel – Tin Can Music Shakers Activity

Plastic – History and Facts
Plastic – Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank Activity
Plastic – Shrinkies from Used Plastic Containers Activity
Plastic – Tic Tac Toe Activity
Plastic – Plastic Bottle Puppet Craft
Plastic – Plastic Bottle Top Characters

Festive Recycled Craft – Recycled Snowman
Festive Recycled Craft – Festive Rudolph Craft

Waste Reduction/Recycling Colouring – PDF Colouring Sheets

More Waste Reduction Fun – Fun / Crafts / Activities


Biodiversity – Facts, activities and craft
Biodiversity – Wonderful worms and activity
Biodiversity – Bird facts, NZ Birds, Game and Crafts
Biodiversity – Remarkable Nature’s Recyclers
Biodiversity – As Old As The Dinosaurs
Biodiversity – Weird But Wonderful Wētā
Biodiversity – Insect facts and Activity
Biodiversity – Bee facts
Biodiversity – Bee flower pollination craft activity


Trees – Facts and Why They Are Important
Trees – Tree Hunt Activity
Trees – Adopt a Tree Activity
Trees – Log of Life Activity

Wonderful Rainforests – Facts and activities


Water – Facts, The Water Cycle and Activities
Water – Less or More Activity Sheet
Water – The Wonder of Water Activity
Water – Down the Sink Activity


Oceans – Ocean Facts and Interactive Activities

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals – Interesting Facts and What We Can Do to Help
Endangered Animals – Recycled Orangutan Craft
Endangered Animals – Organisations that care for Endangered Animals


Habitats – Facts and activities
Habitats – Habitat Diorama Craft

Habitat Activity Sheets – PDF Printable Activity Sheets

The Wonders of Nature

Nature – The Earth and Us
Nature – The Colours of Nature Activity
Nature – The Sounds of Nature Activity
Nature – Nature’s Close Up Activity
Nature – Sensing Nature Activity
Nature – Nature Weaving Activity
Nature – Nature Mandala + Activities
Nature – Nature Tree Frame Craft

Nature and Animal Colouring – PDF Colouring Sheets

Earth and Animal Activity Sheets – PDF Printable Activity Sheets

Animal Mask Templates – PDF Printable Animal Masks Activity


Energy – Facts and Activities
Energy – Pinwheel Experiment
Energy – How much Energy? – Mini Audit Activity

World Environmental Awareness Days

Key Dates

Useful Schemes Operating in Christchurch

TOCK has found some great recycling schemes operating in Christchurch that you can encourage tamariki and their whānau to use…

Christchurch recycling schemes

More Fun and Activities

Check out TOCK’s fun and activity section for more educational and creative inspiration / ideas

New ideas and activities are added regularly so keep checking back.

School Term Challenge/Competitions

Have a go at our current competition it is a great way to engage your tamariki/children in positive environmental action.

TOCK’s Current Competitions