Together we can save the Earth.

We are so pleased you have found us because there are so many exciting things we want to share with you. Our planet is a very special place with the help of TOCK, we will be sharing lots of great tips on how we can take care of our precious resources like water, energy and our amazing trees.

World Animal Day Competition

TOCK is running a new competition especially for World Animal Day and would really like to see as many creative children, families, schools and children’s groups entering as possible to show how much we care for our amazing animals. Please see our competition page…


TOCK is a loveable time travelling robot from a sad future with no animals, no insects and very few plants.

People can learn about his adventures in the new NZ book ‘TOCK Saves the Earth’ now available on ebook. Click here to find out more about the book / ebook.

TOCK has come back in time to see us and all of the amazing things we have around us. He really doesn’t want to go back to a sad future so will you help him ‘Save the Earth’ ?

On his journey he has discovered lots of interesting information and learned about lots of great things we can do.

TOCK is really looking forward to working with people here to make our future a better place.

Sample page from ‘TOCK Saves the Earth’

TOCK also has an exciting new environmental themed memory game ‘TOCK Tiles’ available in our online store, hand made in Christchurch from sustainably sourced material.

Please take a look around, be part of ‘The TOCK Team’, learn how you can help and have a go with some fun activities.

TOCK Needs Your Help

For those of you who are enjoying the book, you can listen to the song from the book here and sing a long if you like…

Special thanks to our singers featuring  in the TOCK Team Anthem and TOCK Needs Your Help – Isabelle Fuller, Amelia Martin, Isabel Hawes, Lydia Hawes, Grace Fitzgibbon  and Tania McMillan…

TOCK in Schools

TOCK is visiting schools in Christchurch and Selwyn region (NZ) at the moment. If you want to find out more or arrange a visit, look at our TOCK in Schools page

TOCK visits Broadfield School

TOCK makes the front page…

Fun Activities

Please explore our site to find fun things to do like…

Make some cute friends for your house or garden from old food tins (in our TOCK crafts section)

Seed Paper Heart

Re-using old paper to make seed paper gifts (in our TOCK crafts section)

Re-using old socks to make sock puppets (in our TOCK crafts section)

Or making shrinkies from old sushi containers. It’s great to be able to use old things rather than just throwing them away (in our TOCK crafts sections)

TOCK has only just arrived in our time so we will be adding more information as he settles into the 21st century.

If you would like to contact us to talk about this exciting new project, please use the contact page.