TOCK Saves the Earth – Printed Book / eBook

TOCK Saves the Earth’ follows the adventures of TOCK, the lovable time travelling robot and his encounters through time as he discovers how AMAZING the Earth is and how we can build a bright and happy future.

TOCK is a lovable robot from a sad future. One day he decides to build a time machine to discover what went wrong and what could be done to Save the Earth. Children and families will love this engaging book that will soon be a favourite go to story. This is a heart warming tale to inspire everyone to work together to create a better, brighter future.

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TOCK Saves the Earth available on eBook

All profits from product sales go back into our educational programme for the next generation of Earth Savers.

In addition to our book, please check out our fun environmental educational game ‘TOCK Tiles‘…

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