World Animal Day Competition

For World Animal Day, TOCK put together another amazing competition.

The theme was –

‘Caring for endangered animals’

This is now closed and we are pleased to announce the winners…

Winner of Group Category

In Malta there’s a common concern for the sea turtles which are rapidly becoming endangered. We, at Smart from the Start Childcare Centre, have been discussing this amazing creature. In an attempt to visualise the turtle, we have been working wholeheartedly on this project for the past few weeks. The children kept saving green plastic bottles, caps and wrapping paper. They have also painted the base of the turtle, which we made out of old carton boxes, in green. Unfortunately our little ones could not finalize the whole project themselves as our centre had to shut abruptly due to COVID-19.

Winner of Individual Category

Oli loves all animals. He protects them by not supporting factory farming or intensive dairying, recycling, re using what he can, and encouraging others to care about animals too.

Honourable Mention

Cool Whio Project… August – prepare nest September – breeding mum whio sits on nest for 35 days October – Hatching Good learning by making a model habitat Also blue duck got it’s Te Reo name Whio because male ducks speak/whistle “Fee-oo” and female ducks growl “Fee-oo”

For more information you can read all about endangered animals on our Endangered Animals page