Tree Hunt

During his time travelling adventures on Earth TOCK has seen lots of different types of trees. He wonders whether you can discover how many different trees you can find in your local area.

What you will need:

A small wooded area


With your family or class visit an area close to you that has quite a few different trees.
Either by yourself or in a small group walk around the area and look for the following trees:

  1. A tree with vines growing around its trunk.
  2. A tree with a bird’s next on it.
  3. A tree with bumpy bark on its trunk.
  4. A tree with a smooth trunk.
  5. A tree with berries or other fruit growing on it.
  6. A tree with flowers growing on it.
  7. A tree with a strange shape.
  8. A tree with moss/lichen growing on it.
  9. A tree with multi fingers leaves.
  10. A tree with glossy leaves.

Draw a picture of your favourite tree.

When you return home or to the classroom each person has to tell the others what they discovered and think of 2 things they enjoyed about the tree hunt.

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