TOCK’s Competition for the Children of the UK

Winner announced for TOCK’s Special environmentally focussed competition for the Children in the UK during lockdown.

TOCK, loves each and every one of the new friends people have made for him during this competition. You are all amazing for getting crafty with waste to help TOCK our lovable time travelling robot on his quest to SAVE THE EARTH.

See all of the entries below…

Rules/terms and prizes for the UK Friend for TOCK Competition


The UK Friend for TOCK Competition will be open for entries and voting up to 28 February 2021.

Entries are only open to children living in the UK and under the age of 12. Entries must be made by the child with minimal adult assistance.

The winning entry will be chosen by a combination of public vote and special environmental panel votes. Anybody can vote simply by liking your entry on this page.

This is a themed competition with the theme being 'A Friend for TOCK'. Make a friend for TOCK out of items that would normally be thrown away as TOCK loves waste reduction and recycling. The more creative the better. Once you have made your creation, take a photo and upload it along with a title and short description.

Get your family / friends / group / community to vote for the entry they think is the best to help support the amazing children helping save our planet. People are only allowed to vote once for each entry but they can vote for multiple entries to support other children.

Full credit will be given to contributors but no personal information will be shared publicly without permission.

TOCK may ask if entries could be shared to help spread the word about TOCK and the amazing work of the TOCK Team (you) but will always get your permission first.

Please respect the privacy of others and do not copy or share their work without their permission.


This competition closes on 28th February 2021 and we will announce the winners by the end of the following week. We will select winners based on the combined number of public votes and special panel votes so please encourage people to support all of the awesome entries.

Remember TOCK thinks everybody is a winner so please join in just for the fun and keep your eyes open for other competitions.