TOCK’s Competition for the Children of the UK

Winner announced for TOCK’s Special environmentally focussed competition for the Children in the UK during lockdown.

TOCK, loves each and every one of the new friends people have made for him during this competition. You are all amazing for getting crafty with waste to help TOCK our lovable time travelling robot on his quest to SAVE THE EARTH.

See all of the entries below…

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Contest is finished!
Title: Lovee
Author: Sarge1902
Votes: 33

Views: 278
Description: Before creating Lovee, Evie drew her creation using her reusable drawing pad. She uses this all the time so that it ‘doesn’t waste paper.’ She named her girl Lovee because she loves everyone and loves to recycle!

tockearth  7:45 am (February 20, 2021)
TOCK loves Lovee. As well as being a great recycler, she is a similar height to TOCK. Evie is pretty cool too, saving paper with her reusable drawing pad. TOCK has seen reusable pads before and they are amazing. People use them for all kinds of things like keeping scores when playing games... so much fun without creating waste 🙂
Jessica  5:47 am (February 21, 2021)
This is amazing love this.. she so sweet and what an amazing robot x
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