Illustration from TOCK Saves the Earth – Copyright 2019 Ian Burney

Landfill is where we place all of the rubbish that we don’t recycle, re-use or compost. All of this waste is collected and buried. It takes a very long time for these things to break down or decompose…

How long does it take to decompose in landfill?

Paper2 – 6 weeks
Banana Peel1 month
Orange Peel6 months
Plywood1 – 3 years
Wool Sock1 – 5 years
Leather Shoes25 – 40 years
Nylon Fabric30 – 40 years
Tin Steel Can50 years
Aluminium Can80 – 200 years
Plastic Bottles450 years
Disposable Nappies250 – 500 years
Plastic Bags10 – 1000 years
GlassMillions of years