A Nature Picture for TOCK

TOCK has visited thousands of children over the last 8 months and seen lots of creativity. TOCK loves nature and as a final competition for 2021, TOCK would love the children to draw / paint / make (not photograph) a picture of their favourite thing(s) in nature. Open to NZ children aged 0-6 or 7-12.

Prize for age 0-6 will be a copy of ‘TOCK Saves the Earth‘ book and a TOCK Keyring or Badge
Prize for age 7-12 will be a copy of ‘Infinite Ideas, Draw It!‘ book and a TOCK Keyring or Badge

Please see our rules and how to enter below…

TOCK is a loveable time travelling robot on a mission to create a brighter future for our tamariki.

TOCK has been visiting thousands of children in the classroom and we have created songs, games, activities, stories and competitions and so much more, just because we are passionate about keeping our planet amazing and keeping life fun. Please enjoy our website whilst you are here and tell others about us.

We intentionally avoid google ads and linking to other sites as we want to keep things safe and focussed for children.

TOCK.earth is created by a NZ husband and wife. We make all of the crafts in our own front room, write and record the songs ourselves, illustrate and create TOCK adventures from our own home. We are not a commercial money making organisation but we are looking for support to keep TOCK alive. So if you feel you can help, please get in touch via our contact page.

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TOCK‘s Nature Picture competition is open to children aged 12 and under, living in New Zealand. Open for entries and voting up to 12th December 2021. There will be 2 prizes:-

Pictures from children aged 6 years and under.

Pictures from children aged 7 to 12.

The theme is simple. The picture will show the children’s favourite thing in nature.

Entry will be in the form of a single image to showcase the picture, the age of the child, a title of the entry and a description to explain / support the entry (engaging / creative descriptions can really help the entry).

You need to register (free of charge) to enter this competition. We do not disclose personal details from registration but please be careful not to use children’s full names, addresses or any personal information in your entry as the title / description will be publicly visible.

Existing TOCK Team members can simply upload your entry here

Non members can simply Join the TOCK Team completely free (Click here) so we know who to contact if you win and so you can check on how your entry is doing. Again, we do not share your contact details. Once you have joined the TOCK Team as a free member, you can upload your entry here.

This competition is open to votes and entries up to the 12th December 2021 and we will announce the winners by the end of the following week.

Vote for the entries by clicking on the picture and then voting for it. We encourage people to involve families and friends to engage as many people as possible in supporting this environmental activity. Only by working together can we look after our beautiful planet. Please share the love and support some of the other awesome entries too.

Note: You can only vote once per entry.

We will select winners based on a combination of public votes and a special independent panel to ensure selection is fair.

Prize for age 0-6 will be a copy of ‘TOCK Saves the Earth‘ book and a TOCK Keyring or Badge
Prize for age 7-12 will be a copy of ‘Infinite Ideas, Draw It!‘ book and a TOCK Keyring or Badge

But always remember, TOCK thinks everybody is a winner so please join in just for the fun and keep your eyes open for other competitions.