TOCK Crafts – Habitat Diorama

Turn your old shoe box into imaginative diorama.

A habitat is a place where an animal has all it needs to survive – such as food, water and shelter. There are lots of different habitats on the Earth including Rainforests, Deserts, Oceans, African Savanna, Woodlands, Polar landscape. Choose a habitat and make a diorama (3D scene) of the place that your chosen animals naturally live include the plants, water that you would normally find in that landscape.

What You Will Need:

Shoebox or similar sized cardboard box
Paint brush
Coloured craft paper/card
Markers/crayons/colouring pencils
Mixture of craft supplies such as cardboard tubes, cotton balls and lolly sticks, air dry clay.
Small pebbles, leaves….
Plastic animals – that suit your chosen habitat


Choose habitat you want to display – Desert, Rainforest, Ocean scene, Woodland, African Savanna, Polar landscape…
Gather all the craft items together.
Decorate your diorama – begin by painting the back and base of the box.
Leave to dry.
Create trees, vegetation, to fit the habitat using craft paper, cardboard tube etc.
Create other features such as rivers, boulders suing clay, pebbles, craft paper.
Add animals to the scene. 

Example diorama:

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