TOCK Crafts – Soil-arium Compost Bottle

You will need:

  • Empty large wide-mouth glass jar or large plastic bottle
  • Soil
  • Garden waste such as fallen leaves and spray free grass cuttings.
  • Old newspaper
  • Fruit and vegetable peels, cores, and scraps from the kitchen (do not use meat or fish scraps)
  • Rainwater
  • A permanent marker
  • Tape or something to pierce holes in jar lid


Take a clean large jar or large 2 litre plastic bottle (If using a plastic bottle cut most of the top off leaving a small part still attached to act like a hinge).
Sprinkle approx 2 – 3 cm layer of soil in the bottom of the container.
Add some small pieces of newspaper and some kitchen scraps
Then put in a few dead leaves, grass cuttings.
Add another layer of soil.
Another layer of kitchen food scraps/peelings and newspaper
A further layer of garden waste until the jar or bottle is almost full.
Add the rainwater – you don’t want it to be sitting in water but you do need it to be damp all the way through.
If using a jar screw the lid on and poke holes in the lid for oxygen. (Ask adult for help).
If using the plastic bottle tape the top to the bottle so the contents don’t fall out but air can still get in. (Remember the mixture needs oxygen to work properly).
Mark a fill line on the container to show the height of the mixture.
Every few weeks, mark a line to show the “new” top of the mixture as nature does her work and the contents settle. Be sure to label it with the date too.
Have fun watching your mixture turn into compost before your very eyes.
It may take some time (possibly 12 weeks) for all the mixture to turn into compost but your garden or favourite plant will be happy!

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