TOCK Crafts – Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

Make A Cute Piggy Bank from an old soda bottle

Make a Piggy Bank

You Will Need:

Empty clean plastic drink bottle
Acrylic paint
Pink craft paper
Marker pen or googly eyes
Glue or double sided tape
4 extra bottle tops
Craft knife (adult use only)


To make a Piggy Bank

With scissors cut a strip of pink craft paper to surround the middle section of the bottle.
Mark a small coin shaped rectangle in the centre of the strip.
Stick the card to the bottle.
Ask an adult to cut around the rectangle to make a coin slot in the bottle and card.
Paint the lid of the bottle pink.
Once the lid is dry draw two nostrils on the lid with a marker pen.
Stick or draw two eyes on the front of the bottle.
Draw and cut out two ear shapes from the pink card.
Draw and cut out a long thin strip of pink card – twist to create a pig’s curly tail.
Attach the ears and tail.
Stick the remaining bottle lids on the base of the bottle to make legs.
Enjoy your creation!

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