TOCK Crafts – Slider Puzzle

Make A Slider Puzzle

Put those cardboard boxes to good use and make a puzzle.

You Will Need:

Cardboard Box
Marker Pen
Picture – Could use an old greeting card, photo or a picture you have coloured
Craft Card or Paper



Draw a 12 cm grid on the cardboard – made of 3 x 3 (4 cm) squares as shown below with an extra square above the top centre square.
Cut out the 12 cm square and extra smaller square separately. You will need to keep the surround intact (Ask an adult to help as it may be tricky)
Cut out the craft card or paper to the same size as the cardboard puzzle surround.
Cut out a cardboard backing the same size as the cardboard surround (but without the grid taken out).
Glue the picture /photo to the 12 cm square grid.
Cut the picture into 9 equal 4 cm squares.
Glue craft card to the cardboard surround.
Glue cardboard surround to the cardboard base.
Insert the grid and have fun playing.

Example puzzle:

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