TOCK Crafts – Sock Puppet

Have endless fun creating and playing with sock puppets rather than throwing away those odd / old or unwanted socks.

You Will Need:

An old sock
Googly eyes or buttons
Coloured wool
Sewing thread
Sewing needle
Glue if using googly eyes
Coloured foam or felt for ears, nose and tongue
Any other decorations you would like to add – ribbons, pom poms.


Wash the sock properly.
Sew the buttons or glue the googly eyes on the sock.

If wanting hair on your puppet:
-Cut strips of wool for the hair. Make the parting of the hair using sewing thread. Sew hair on top of the sock, above the eyes.

Add any other decorations to make a nose, tongue, ears etc.
Give your puppet a name…VERY IMPORTANT.
Your puppet is ready…HAVE FUN!

Example puppet:

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