TOCK Crafts – Shadow Puppets

Make Shadow Puppets for Earth Hour

Make a Shadow Dinosaur for a Great Time Travel Adventure of Your Own

This one is ideal for Earth Hour…

You Will Need:

Old cardboard box or cereal packet
Pen or pencil
Black paint or black colouring pens
Long stick such as wood skewers
Sticky tape
Thin single cloth sheet or large piece of paper


Get an old piece of cardboard (such as an old cereal box).
Draw a design on it. We have a few examples below if you want create an adventure back in the time of Dinosaurs but you can draw anything you wish.

Ask an adult to help you carefully cut this out.

Paint or colour it black on one side.
Using sticky tape, attach the stick to the unpainted side. You will use this to hold onto your puppet.

Now you are almost ready to put on the show…

You will need somebody to help set up a sheet for you to use a projection screen. You could hang the sheet on a clothing drier for example.

With an audience to watch your show, hold your puppet on the other side of the sheet and either hold or secure a torch to shine on your puppet and make a shadow on the sheet. You will need the lights off for a really brilliant show.

Make up your own story with lots of different puppets or you could even recreate your favourite fairy story.

Example shadow puppets:

You could also try making shadow puppets with just your hands…

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