TOCK Crafts – Easter Bunnies

Make Easter Bunnies

Put those cardboard tubes to good use and make a rabbit family.

You Will Need:

One paper towel roll per bunny
Acrylic paint
Paint brush
Mini Pom poms in various colours and sizes or cut up cotton wool ball
A scrap of white paper/craft foam or felt
Craft glue (or PVA/school glue if you have no tacky glue)
Googly eyes or black pen to draw on eyes
A bunny template (see example)   



Print out or draw the template and cut out the shape.
Flatten your paper roll lengthways.
Trace the bunny shape onto the flattened roll and cut it out.
Pop the roll back into a rounded shape.
Paint the bunny in your chosen colour and allow to dry.
Glue on a mini pom pom for the bunny’s nose and two pom poms/cotton wool for its cheeks.
Glue or draw eyes above the cheeks.
Glue on the pom pom or cotton wool tail.
Cut out a small round tummy shape and two long oval shapes for the ears from the paper/felt or foam and glue them on.

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