TOCK Crafts – Cute Cardboard Bears

Have you got lots of old toilet roll tubes or kitchen roll tubes – instead of putting them all in the recycling bin perhaps make them into cute Teddy Bears, Polar Bears, Black Bears… to display in your bedroom or on a window sill…

What you will need:

Clean old toilet roll or kitchen roll tube
Craft paper, card – (You could even use an old brown paper grocery bag or an old cardboard box)
Paint Brushes
Coloured felt or marker pens
Glue or double sided sticky tape
Optionally use a glue gun (with adult supervision only)

Optional: Cotton wool, googly eyes


Take a toilet roll tube, decide on which type of bear you want to make and paint the tube the colour that matches the bear and leave to dry. Note as Teddy Bears are normally brown you may not need to paint it depending on the colour of the cardboard.
Cut out two sausage shapes about 20 to 22 cm long from craft card or strong paper bag and paint to match the bear’s body and leave to dry. These will be for the arms and legs.
From the same card cut out your bear’s face – a circle with ears on either side near the top. The face needs to be a bit wider than your cardboard toilet roll tube. Paint to match the rest of the bear. Leave to dry.
Draw or stick on the eyes to the bear’s face and draw on a nose (See picture below)
Draw some paws on each end of the sausage shaped strips with the toes pointing away from the strip.
Glue the head, arms and legs to the body of the bear.
If you are making a Polar Bear you could attach some cotton wool to the front for its fluffy white tummy.

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