Mr/Mrs Grass Head

You Will Need:

Old nylon stocking or thin nylon tights/knee highs
Grass seed
Elastic band
Googly eyes
Craft foam
Used container – small glass jar, yoghurt pottle, small coffee cup
Decoration for the container – paint, paper, ribbons, pompoms, marker pens etc….


To make a grass head character

  • Gather all the items you need.
  • Take the stocking and cut off a section about 20 cm long that includes the toe. 
  • Spoon at least 2 teaspoons of grass seed into the toe of the stocking. (You may find it easier to stretch the opening of the stocking over a cup or jar first as it can be a messy job and put a piece of newspaper down to collect any seed that may miss the hole)  
  • Add the compost – enough to make a round ball shape – so it is about the size of a tennis ball.
  • Tie a knot in the stocking so the compost does not fall out.

Now you are ready to make the face:

  • The nose – Pinch a bit of the stocking and filling between your fingers and wrap around a small elastic band to keep it in place.
  • The eyes – Glue on the googly eyes. You could even add some eyelashes made out of black foam or glasses made from pipe cleaners.
  • The mouth – Cut out some lips from craft foam and glue them on.

Make sure any glues you use on the head are water proof.

Decorate the container – jar/yoghurt pottle or coffee cup to look like clothes using permanent markers, craft paper/card or fabric scraps.

Once you have finished your creation give it a good dunk in a bowl of water to wet the soil.
Half fill the container with water and rest the head on top with the extra bit of stocking dangling in the water.

Put your grass head character near a window or somewhere with plenty of sunlight.
Check on your grass head creation everyday to check the head is moist – you might need to dribble a small amount of water onto the head now and then.

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