TOCK Crafts – Egg Carton Flowers

Make Colourful Flowers from Egg Cartons

Make a colourful flower arrangement for your room or as a perfect gift for your Mum or Grandma.

You Will Need:

Empty egg carton
Acrylic paint
Wooden skewers
Green tissue paper, crepe paper or craft paper


To make Daffodils

With scissors, cut out the centre points of your egg carton – these will be used to make the centre of your daffodils.
Individually cut out each egg holder.
Take the individual egg holder and use your scissors to cut  6 petals.
Cut out a small circle from the remainder of the egg carton.
Glue the petals onto the circle.
Paint the petals yellow or white and leave to dry.
Paint the cut out central points of the egg carton yellow or orange and leave to dry.
Glue these onto the rest of the flower.

To make the stem
Cut out a 2 cm wide long strip of green tissue paper.
Tape one end to the skewer and wind the paper around the skewer until all the skewer is covered. 
Secure the end of the paper to the skewer with tape.
Glue the stem to the back of each flower.

Stems could also be made from ice block sticks or green pipe cleaners.

Example flowers:

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