TOCK Crafts – Drink Carton Bird Feeder

What you will need:

Clean used juice/milk carton
Scissors/sharp knife (ask an adult to help)
Marker Pen
Paints and Paintbrushes
Small sticks or strong lolly stick
Bird seeds
Decorations (extra small twigs, paint, bottle tops/lids…. (optional)


  • Draw windows shapes onto two sides of the milk carton with a marker pen.  Make sure the windows are at approximately 4 cm above the bottom of the carton.
  • Using the scissors cut the two windows out of sides of the juice/milk carton ( Ask an adult to help)
  • You can decorate the feeder – perhaps with recycled items like bottle lids – to make a face or decorate the carton to look like a little house. Get creative!
  • Perhaps ask an adult to help you poke a hole below one of the windows for a small stick or lolly stick to act as a perch.
  • Add some bird seed to the container.
  • Put a hole in the top of the container and attach some thin wire or string so you can hang your feeder outside where the birds and you can see it.

You could also use plastic milk bottles, soda bottles, aluminium pie plate or even simply a cardboard tube covered with a bit of peanut butter and bird seed as a feeder. Let your imagination run wild, as remember, it is your treat for the wild birds.

Here are the pie plate and cardboard tube bird feeders too. Don’t forget to add the bird food.

Home Made Binoculars

Watching birds and nature is really interesting. So why not make your own binoculars using two cardboard tubes. You can decorate and wrap these in scrap paper then add string to make a strap to hang them around your neck.

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