TOCK’s Wonderful Rainforests Competition

Thank you to all the tamariki for taking part in TOCK’s wonderful rainforests competition. TOCK and the TOCK Team were truly amazed by your creativity. TOCK would love to be able to jump into each and every one of your rainforests. Well Done Everyone!

All votes from public and independent judges have now been counted and we have not just one but two winners. One for the best school entry and one for the best group entry. So congratulations to the winners…

All competition entries.

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Title: The Hills Rainforest
Author: The Hills
Votes: 144

Views: 303
Description: This rainforest was created by Paige (8years), Hunter (5years) and Hazel (4years). They saved up our recycling and our pruning's off our trees and bushes. They used biscuit packaging to make a cave with a weta in it and glow worms which light up. They made a waterfall out of corrugated cardboard for the animals to drink from. It has lots of animals and insects like ladybugs, butterflies, cheetahs, grasshopper, snake, birds and a birds nest with eggs in it in a tree. There is mushrooms growing on the forest floor and spiders and cockroaches. They had soo much fun creating this and thinking about what to use to show the different floors of the rainforest even more fun playing together with this with their animals. Paige has dyslexia so getting creative is one of her favorite things to do, she even wrote out and stuck onto the display an explanation about each layer of the rainforest explaining a bit about it to help others learn about it too.

tockearth  1:30 pm (June 28, 2021)
This looks awesome Paige, Hunter and Hazel. So pleased you recycled lots of things to make it too, 🙂
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