TOCK’s Wonderful Rainforests Competition

Thank you to all the tamariki for taking part in TOCK’s wonderful rainforests competition. TOCK and the TOCK Team were truly amazed by your creativity. TOCK would love to be able to jump into each and every one of your rainforests. Well Done Everyone!

All votes from public and independent judges have now been counted and we have not just one but two winners. One for the best school entry and one for the best group entry. So congratulations to the winners…

All competition entries.

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Contest is finished!
Title: Animals and Layers of the Rainforest
Votes: 71

Views: 241
Description: We had a big discussion around the importance of rain forest. Tamariki were really intrigued by the kind of animals that can be found in the rain forests. We tried to recreate our own model of rain forest using recyclable materials and added the animals from our animal basket. They have also been reading lots about different layers and which animals live at what layers of rain forest. They have also been extending their interest through art and craft creating their own animals .

tockearth  3:46 pm (June 29, 2021)
Such a clever way to show the different layers of the forest using natural and recycled materials. Great job.
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